About me

So.. About me… 🤔

With a curious mind and a lifelong interest in all things IT I thought I should probably start writing more so I don’t keep forgetting the things I search for discover on my IT travels through Linux, Gaming, Retro computing, SQL Server stuff and development.

My day job is as a SQL DBA and developer,which I’m sure I’ll write about, but my background is one of an IT generalist so I’m always interested in most things computer and how systems work (or not!) together.

About the site

The site is built with Jekyll and a custom Liquid template. It’s not built to be fancy, just nice and fast while having some basic styling. No javascript is used at all and nothing is loaded from external sources. The biggest assets are the images. It’s all connected to my self-hosted GitLab server which, depending on which Git branch I push to runs a pipeline to optimise the images in the site, create some smaller versions for a mobile stylesheet and add some watermarks and then copies it to the live or test version of my site.

There is no commenting feature which is the only full CMS thing I miss really. I could add a third party solution but that means javascript and possible data slurping :( I’ll explore some options but in the meantime send me an email or contact me on Twitter if you want to get in touch.

My next task is to make sure it complies with website accessibility best practice. If you have any issues please let me know.

Thank you for stopping by :)