Repairing a dead TP-Link TL-PA211 Powerline Ethernet Adapter (Part1)

I’ve been using a pair of TP-Link Powerline TL-PA211 Ethernet Adaptors for about 18 months and they’ve been brilliant; far superior to using a wireless signal to bridge the house sized gap between the ADSL modem and my computers.

TP-Link PA211 Powerline Adaptor

My TP-Link TL-PA211 At Home

Within the space of about 6 weeks the adaptors died in the same way, both suddenly not powering on, showing no signs of activity whatsoever. I bought some new devices and went to throw the TP-Link ones in the recycling but, unable to throw them away without knowing why they had stopped working, I decided to open them up and have a look inside. Continue reading