Connecting An Xbox 360 Slim Hard Drive To Your PC


Don’t put all your saves in one Eggs-box

My Xbox slim started behaving strangely the other day. I’d just bought some new games and was going through the process of installing them to the HD. Half way through the uninstall the Xbox crashed and I was back at the profile select screen.

I deleted the half installed game files and tried again. It still crashed and I was back at the profile select screen. This time selecting my profile would cause the Xbox to reset. I tried a different profile and it reset. Even accessing the system menus without selecting a profile would cause it to reset 🙁 As soon as there was HD access the Xbox would die.

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Making life clearer…

So you’ve bought your HD telly. It cost quite a lot of money.

Then you pay for a costly subscription service so you can receive HD content.

The problem is that after spending most of your day either sleeping or working you are only getting a few measly hours  in which you can bask in the glow of HD.

Don’t you wish that there was a way to have HD vision ALL of the time? Well now you can:

HD Sunglasses
I’ve never realised how limited my life has been with standard definition eyesight!