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My SmoothWall Setup

My SmoothWall Box:

  • 233Mhz Cyrix CPU

  • 96Mb RAM

  • 2.4 GB Primary HD

  • 200Mb secondary HD (used for extra swap space)

  • RealTek RTL8129 PCI NIC (Green)

  • 3Com EtherLink III (Red)


How I got into the whole SmoothWall / mod thing...

My current main SmoothWall machine was my girlfriends old PC. She'd used it throughout her school and college life for reports and essays. When not being used for work it's main job was to play the Sims or Roller Coaster Tycoon. Her new laptop for university meant that I could have the PC.

I'd just had broadband installed and didn't want to share it through my main PC. I looked into turning the old PC into a router or web proxy. I knew about such projects as FREESCO and was going to use this. After further reading I found the SmoothWall site and thought I'd give it a try. After all, a 45mb ISO was nothing now I had my ADSL connected :)

It was my first serious look at Linux and the first week was a real headache trying to remember the simplest of commands. Continual problems with my Speedtouch 330 Modem meant that I had to get involved with scripting and things like SSH. The SmoothWall forums were a great help (and still always are). I soon became confident enough to try some of the homebrew mods that were available for SmoothWall. Now I'm continually adding mods to my SmoothWall installation or trying new applications and utilities.

One of the first mods I tried was DansGuardian. I wanted to get this working because I had a younger brother & sister that were often on the Internet without a parent watching over them. It didn't take long to install and worked brilliantly.

Months later I found a site that offered an anti-virus patch for DansGuardian. This meant that all web pages and files downloaded were checked for infection. I also noticed that DansGuardian had moved on and had new features and improved reliability. I suppose I didn't really need the anti-virus feature but the new and improved DG would definitely be useful. I finally decided to see if I could get the latest version, with AV capabilities working with SmoothWall. This meant playing with the DansGuardian source code and compiling things (another first for me). I installed a full Linux distribution up on a spare computer so I could compile and test software for my SmoothWall computer (see Makin' Mods for more info). After a week or so of head scratching I eventually was able to share the AV version of DansGuardian with the rest of the SmoothWall community. I've since installed many many mods. I currently have the following installed:

DansGuardian & AV patch 6.3.6, ClamAV 0.80....


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