The journey of a thousand miles…

…begins with one step.

I’ve been meaning to update my site and make it useful for years now but just never ever finished off the work I had nearly completed. Time would pass and I’d start again, believing each new version would be better than the last.

My first attempt used a phpBB forum as a forum / CMS to which I’d married my own custom front end. It worked well but I never fully finished it and my grand vision stagnated.

My second attempt was a WordPress site heavily modifying the default theme. Again, it looked ok but I was unhappy with the code as it was messy and my CSS was quick to break.

Here we are at my third attempt. Raher than wait for everything to be 100% perfect and complete I thought I’d get the WordPress installation up and running first. I’m currently using the default theme and will upload my new custom theme when I’ve finished styling it.

Most of the old content will still be accessible if referred to by external links and I’ll move it onto WordPress later. As for the SmoothWall mods they can still be found from the link in the side panel.

Although I’ve not released anything SmoothWall related in ages I’ve still been modding and tinkering with the few that I look after. I plan to clean up the code of my mods and release what I’ve got on a new SmoothWall section of the site.

If there’s anything you can’t find send me an email and I’ll find it for you.