New Humble Bundle!

There’s a new Humble Bundle available from here:

Humble Bundle

For those of you who’ve not heard of the Humble Bundle before it’s a collection of games for sale. The major difference between this and any other online purchase is that YOU get to set the price you want to pay. If you feel like paying the full retail price (£35 – £40) you can, or you can pay less or you can pay more.

“Pay more! But who’d do that?”

The money you pay is, by default, split between the developers of the games and two charities:

You can change the ratios if you want so all of your money can go to the charity or all of it to the developers.

The games are DRM free, come with extra content such as soundtracks and can be downloaded and used on your Linux, Mac or Windows machines.

The Humble Bundle has also proven that Linux users would and will by games for the OS with donations from Linux users typically being more than double than those from Windows users.

You can’t lose. You get some great games, support some indie developers and get to feel all warm and fuzzy because you’ve given to charity too 🙂

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